The very essence of all Harinam-smaran and the only means to Harinam-ruchi.

One can taste real rasa with enchantment (1), understand true Harinam Tattva (2), see the Lord through our ears (3), realize one’s own spiritual form by cleansing the heart (4), and awaken the dormant Krishna-prema (5) only and only by Shravanam, i.e. listening to nam-roop-guna-lila impregnated sound vibrations from advanced rasika devotees, as confirmed in the 5 shastra-verses below, which are just a few of the many verses found in the shastras on the ultimate glories or hearing.

🌿 1. mahājana mukhe
hari-saṅgīta śravaṇe
mugdha habe manaḥ
karṇa rasa āsvādane
(Harinam Chintamani 12.40)

🎯 “Simply by listening to the musical sound vibrations of Harinam and Harilila from the lotus mouth of mahajanas, our mind becomes totally attracted and we can drink and relish rasa through our ears.”

🌿 2. prathama śravaṇa daśā:

nijāpekṣā śreṣṭha
śuddha-bhāvuka ye jana
tāṅhāra śrīmukhe
bhāva-tattvera śravaṇa
(Harinam Chintamani 15.61-62)

🎯 “The very first and foremost stage is to hearing. One should listen about Bhava Tattva and Harinam Tattva from those who more advanced than us and are drowned in pure bhava.”

🌿 3. tvaṁ bhakti-yoga
āsse śrutekṣita-patho
nanu nātha puṁsām;
yad-yad-dhiyā ta
urugāya vibhāvayanti,
tat-tad-vapuḥ praṇayase
(Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.9.11)

🎯 “Due to the heart being fully permeated by Bhakti-yoga through the process of seeing through our ears (not by our eyes), one is certainly awarded that same spiritual form which one spontaneously meditated on in one’s heart, by causeless mercy.”

🌿 4. praviṣṭaḥ karṇa-randhreṇa
svānāṁ bhāva saroruham
dhunoti śamalaṁ kṛṣṇaḥ
salilasya yathā śarat
(Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 2.8.5)

🎯 “When pure sound enters our ear-holes, it fully blossoms and reveals the lotus of our constitutional position in our hearts, after fully cleansing the impurities and making it as transparent as the waters of a lake in the autumn season.”

🌿 5. nitya-siddha kṛṣṇa-prema
'sādhya' kabhu naya
karaye udaya
(Śrī Caitanya-caritāmṛta 2.22.107)

🎯 “Our eternally inherent and dormant pure love for Krishna is never attained by our own spiritual practices. It is awaken only in the consciousness purified by hearing, etc.”

🌷 Hence, I consider that my topmost service to humanity is to record sound vibrations which are impregnated with my deep visions of nam-roop -guna-lila-svarupa. It is only such recordings by anyone which will open the bud of the holy name and the doors to the nityalila in the hearts of the listeners.

🌷 Unfortunately, due to a lack of technology previously, we don't have such supreme sound vibrations in the direct voice of the associates of Nitai Gaura, though we have them from our Srila Prabhupada. If we had them, we would all have done nothing else but listening to them over and over again, and easily become pure devotees simply by shravanam like Parikshit did. This void of pure realized nam-roop-guna-lila Bhakti sounds in Kaliyuga needs to be filled, so that millions can enter Vraja at the end of this life itself.

🌷 Maya has successfully managed to keep such recordings to a minimum until now. I don't want to only give general mediocre kathas where I myself am not fully absorbed in the sounds, due to the distractions of a live audience. So I will try to do ideal recordings which will be done by me alone with maximum absorption in the sphurtis arising within me, as I speak and listen to them myself. For the past one month, I have given up eating grains for the nairantarya (persistence) of such nam-sphurtis throughout the day and night.

🌷 There may be many advanced souls on this planet right now. I am not saying that I am an advanced soul. But I too want to record these most realized sounds of mine as my free menial services to our the present and future Vaishnavas. These recordings, with high quality in both Bhakti and sound, can then be made much more widely available as free mp3s, youtube videos, podcasts, etc. They will be much more heart-penetrating than live kathas recorded with mediocre sound and distractions.

🌷 Spiritual sights may attract us, but it is the transcendental sounds which truly enter our hearts and blossom our consciousnsess. Our eyes have no holes for the visuals to enter deep within our hearts, but our ears do. So the bhakti sounds enter much more deeper and truly reach our souls, than mere visuals which may touch our brains more. This is why all our scriptures directly mention words like “randhrena” etc., which specifically mean ‘ear holes’, not just the ears themselves.

🌷 By watching a video, one becomes more attracted to the personality speaking in the video, which is also good. But by closing one's eyes and listening to an audio, one becomes fully absorbed in the sound of what that personality is actually speaking, which is the most intimate way to associate with that personality.

🌷 And trust me, only transcendental sounds (audios) are enough to take us all to Vraja. Videos are not needed, as maya has led us to believe, since they actually distract us from fully concentrating and internally seeing the pure lila within those sounds by fully focusing on them. Our mind can fully focus on only thing at a time. Either to listening, grasping, and realising the bhava behind every word of these sounds; or watching and grasping every movement in the videos. Besides, one can hear such sublime sounds even while doing other things. Whereas, videos need us to leave everything else to watch them.

🌷 And lastly, there are practical distractions and many steps in producing such videos, which dilute my absorption and aphurtis in the sound vibrations since I cannot keep my eyes closed while recording videos, leading to mediocre sounds in those videos. The beauty is that I can encapsulate the causeless mercy of my Jahnava Nitai even in the sounds of the Hare Krishna maha mantra and Radha Krishna lila. These sounds are the real treasure of Kaliyuga.