Harinam Tattva Audios

By Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj.
Shastra Verses & Purports on Harinam-Ruchi. Welcome to NAM.TV.

9 Helpful Tips to chant the Hare Krishna maha mantra purely

🌷 1. Chant slowly and clearly with proper pronunciation of each of the 16 names in Harinam.

🌷 2. Chant near tulasi, physically or mentally in the dham, or near a pure devotee.

🌷 3. Chant in unison in exactly the same speed as the sound of a pure devotee’s chanting playing in the background. Different speed will distract.

Taste in Harinam

10 mins of binaural nectar on what should be our consciounsess to get taste for Harinam, in binaural alternating sound.

The Reading, Hearing, and Chanting Equation

📖 Reading Mentally = Knowledge.

🗣 Reading Audibly = Knowledge + Own Realizations.

👂 Hearing = Knowledge + Realizations of Advanced Speaker.

🗣 Chanting or Singing Alone = Own Nam Realizations.

🗣👂 Chanting Japa Audibly + Hearing Japa Recording at Same Speed in Sync = Own Nam Realizations + Nam Realizations of Advanced Chanter from Japa Recording.

👂🗣 Hearing & Singing Kirtan = Kirtan Realizations of Advanced Singer + Own Kirtan Realizations.