Taste in Harinam

10 mins of binaural nectar on what should be our consciounsess to get taste for Harinam, in binaural alternating sound.

The Reading, Hearing, and Chanting Equation

📖 Reading Mentally = Knowledge.

🗣 Reading Audibly = Knowledge + Own Realizations.

👂 Hearing = Knowledge + Realizations of Advanced Speaker.

🗣 Chanting or Singing Alone = Own Nam Realizations.

🗣👂 Chanting Japa Audibly + Hearing Japa Recording at Same Speed in Sync = Own Nam Realizations + Nam Realizations of Advanced Chanter from Japa Recording.

👂🗣 Hearing & Singing Kirtan = Kirtan Realizations of Advanced Singer + Own Kirtan Realizations.